BBB WGA Represented on Top 25 Most Influential Experts List

By H. Art Taylor
President & CEO BBB Wise Giving Alliance
Jul 17, 2020

This week the annual list of America’s Most Influential Philanthropy Experts was released and for the first time includes Art Taylor of BBB Wise Giving Alliance, highlighting his work in empowering and educating donors and raising the issue of trust in the charitable sector. 

The list of 25 experts also includes Paul Polizzotto of Ecomedia CBS, Chris Anderson of TED and Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen of Giving 2.0. 

Each of the leaders has a strong record in the last year of raising the bar in the nonprofit industry—from increasing charity transparency to new models of public-private partnerships to removing traditional barriers to giving.  

“While there are still some movers and shakers from past years, there are quite a few new experts on the list,” Michael Chatman, host of The Michael Chatman Giving Show said. “The competition for being one of the most influential experts in philanthropy is fierce!” 

“It is a privilege to be honored with this group of leaders in our sector,” H. Art Taylor, president and CEO of BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGA) said. “It reflects the commitment of our teammates in the BBB system to enable trustworthy charities to produce sustainable change and help donors have a clear understanding of how to support their work.” 

Taylor’s mission of increasing charitable trust and transparency comes to life at where BBB WGA provides free resources to help donors make wise giving decisions. The BBB WGA monitors charities so donors don’t have to, allowing donors to give with peace of mind.    

Find the complete Top 25 Most Influential Philanthropy & Social Innovation Experts here

The list was are computed using a complex formula including rigorous research, data analysis, and public voting run by Philanthropy Media and The Michael Chatman Giving Show. 


BBB Wise Giving Alliance (BBB WGA) is a standards-based charity evaluator that seeks to verify the trustworthiness of nationally-soliciting charities by completing rigorous evaluations based on 20 holistic standards that address charity governance, results reporting, finances, fundraising, appeal accuracy and other issues. National charity reports are produced by the BBB WGA and local charity reports are produced by local Better Business Bureaus – all reports are available at

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