Giving Guidance & Tips Change

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance publishes information to help you in your charity donation decisions. Below, you will find guidance on specific issues related to charity donations.

While it’s the donors’ decision, BBB WGA recommends they avoid or be extremely cautious when contributing to nondisclosure charities. Charities that do not provide BBB WGA with any of the requested information needed to complete our charity evaluations are called “nondisclosure charities.” While this could be benign, some of these charities could also be hiding something by choosing not to disclose.

To produce our reports, BBB WGA asks charities to complete a detailed online questionnaire and provide copies of supporting documents. The majority of charities provide this requested information to BBB WGA.


You can make a bequest or other planned gift to the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. Click here to learn more.